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Please be informed (and make sure your whole team is informed) that games are cancelled this weekend only - February 18 due to a lot of families going on vacation for the 3 day weekend.  Practices are still on this week on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 3:30 - 5:30pm.
Posted by Pamela Tonne-Villa, Created Tue Feb 14, 2012

Photo Contest - Yearbooks
TOP NEWS: I've just received word that season photobooks will be distributed at the conclusion of the season.  There are a few submissions on the website already.  If you need access to upload, please contact me.  Alternatively, you may send all photo submissions to  

Coach Vagelis is intent on capturing the best moments in a professionally bound book that will be distributed to each child as a keepsake.  We are searching for the cover shot! I sincerely hope that you can designate a volunteer from each team to act as photographer that can commit to sending me the top shots so each child can be included.  

Thanks in advance for your participation. 
Posted by Pamela Tonne-Villa, Created Thu Jan 26, 2012

ELITE Team Game Schedule Update for January 27
The ONLY Elite game occurring this weekend will take place on Saturday, January 27 at 1:00pm on our VNSO fields.  Please note that the previously scheduled games we attempted to confirm for Saturday at 8am and Sunday at 11am have cancelled.  The Supersonics and Black & White Ninjas have graciously moved their regularly scheduled game to 2pm this Saturday to allow the Elite team to participate.  :) 
Posted by Pamela Tonne-Villa, Created Mon Jan 23, 2012, Updated Thu Jan 26, 2012

WELCOME...The AYSO Region 58 BU-7 Spring Season IS ON!!!!!
A big thank you goes out to all parents, players, coaches, team managers, and to all of us volunteers for contributing to this special pilot program of Region 58's Spring Extended Program.  

This is the start of something great. I can feel it! Following in my footsteps of a 13 year run in AYSO myself, I'm a proud parent of four that can attest to the successful development of four amazing children that boast AYSO membership pride.  Two of those four are now grown and I get to brag about their successes into adulthood of which my family partly owes to youth sports organization involvement such as AYSO.  Granted, two of those four aren't grown yet so time will tell - but hey, 2 out of 4 ain't bad! ;) Seriously though, there is no doubt in my mind that youth soccer plays an important role in the development of a child on so many positive levels.  I am nothing less than thrilled that that we have pulled together to extend the opportunity to our children and to be a part of this elite group of great parents and soccer lovers!

We're a special group, and in my history of all these years as a player and team parent, this is officially the coolest thing that I have witnessed in that a coach feels so strongly about the game and the kids that he actually pilots his own season.  That's more than a full time job folks! Coach Vagelis, thank you!!!

Parents, please volunteer where you can.  But rest assured, that if you can not, the love of the game and your child's smile is enough.  It is my hope that you will log on to this site often, embrace the sportsmanship, and pass on the spirit of teamwork to others. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me via email at or via my mobile at 661.212.5221.  All comments are welcome. 

See you on the fields! 

Posted by Pamela Tonne-Villa, Created Tue Jan 10, 2012

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